International probiotics company SYNformulas presents the scientifically researched potential of its products for the first time at Vitafoods Europe

  • Common diseases such as gastrointestinal conditions and allergies are the focus of the company’s research and product development
  • More value is being added for further licensing and distribution partners through strong scientific research results
  • SYNformulas is seeking for additional distribution partners to expand its internationalization activities with its patented active complexes

Gräfelfing, 08th September 2021. SYNformulas, one of the leading probiotics companies in the field of treating gastrointestinal conditions and allergies with a focus on researching the human microbiome, is presenting a new unique offer for licensing and distribution partnerships at Vitafoods Europe. From 05th - 07th Otctober 2021, SYNformulas will be presenting Kijimea® brand products and the patented bacterial strain, on which the products are based on. Producing companies in the food and pharmaceutical industry have for instance the opportunity to enrich their products with scientifically researched and effective probiotics against allergies and gastrointestinal conditions, and therefore can offer their customers additional value. For example, the heat-inactivated form of the bacterial strain B. bifidum HI-MIMBb75 is characterized by a unique texture and high stability, which plays a key role for further processing. "We assume that the scientifically proven impact of our bacterial strain offers real potential for additional applications. That´s why we are looking forward to further discussions at the fair", says David Rietbrock, Managing Director of SYNformulas.

SYNformulas has made a pioneering achievement in the treatment of the widespread disease Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), which affects approximately 11% of the world's population[1]: In two independent studies, including the world's largest OTC study[2], the bacterial strain MIMBb75 has been proven to be significantly effective on all symptoms of IBS such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, flatulence and constipation3,4. In addition, the bacterial strain was recently included in the S3 guideline for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, an official and independent recommendation paper for the treatment of IBS in clinical practice. So far, the bacterial strain is exclusively used in the product Kijimea® IBS and in its heat-inactivated form in Kijimea® IBS PRO.

"With extended licensing partnerships, we also want to give other potential partners in the food and pharmaceutical sectors the chance to use our innovations," says David Rietbrock on the possibilities to leverage synergies.

SYNformulas, which has been researching and developing so-called evidence-based therapies in the field of gastrointestinal conditions and allergies for ten years, is represented at the fair with a highly qualified competence team. In addition to senior staff from the Research and Business Development units such as Dr. Max Dingler, Managing Director David Rietbrock will also be present at the fair.

Key Facts SYNformulas at Vitafoods Europe

Date: 05th – 07th October 2021         
Category: Ingredients
Booth: G278

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Further information on the SYNformulas fair appearances can be found here: https://fairs.synformulas.com/

1 Canavan, C. et al. (2014). The epidemiology of irritable bowel syndrome. Clinical Epidemiology; 6: 71-80)

2 Comparison only considers studies with probiotic strains

3 Guglielmetti, S. et al. (2011). Randomised clinical trial: Bifidobacterium bifidum MIMBb75 significantly alleviates irritable bowel syndrome and improves quality of life – A double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Aliment. Pharmacol. Ther. 33, 1123–1132.

4 Andresen V. et al. (2020): Heat-inactivated Bifidobacterium bifidum MIMBb75 (SYN-HI-001) in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome: a multicentre, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial. Lancet Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2020; 5: 658-666.

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About SYNformulas GmbH

SYNformulas is a globally leading probiotics company focused on researching the human microbiome and developing breakthrough, evidence based probiotics that significantly improve the quality of life. Under the brand Kijimea® the company's medical products, nutritional supplements and products for supplementary balanced diets are sold in ten countries on a pharmacy exclusive basis.SYNformulas achieved a breakthrough in the treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome: In two independent studies the patented bacterial strain B. bifidum MIMBb75, which is used for the products Kijimea® IBS and Kijimea® IBS PRO, showed significant efficacy in the widespread disease Irritable Bowel Syndrome and was most recently included in the S3 guideline Irritable Bowel Syndrome. For its pioneering product development with clinically proven efficacy, the company relies on an expert research & development team as well as cooperation with a broad network of internationally recognised researchers and universities.

SYNformulas is based in Gräfelfing close to Munich and is a subsidiary of the healthcare incubator FUTRUE, which operates internationally with over 20 companies.