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SYNformulas is one of the world's leading research-driven probiotics companies active in the field of gastrointestinal diseases and allergies. In cooperation with internationally recognized researchers and universities, the medium-sized company translates the latest scientific findings from microbiome research into visionary products. The innovative and evidence-based therapy options are marketed throughout Europe under the umbrella brand Kijimea®.

The acclaimed scientific standards, the high quality and stability of Kijimea® products help SYNformulas to achieve its international status as a global leader in probiotics.


„Passionate about gut health – we unveil the power of the microbiome by developing & promoting break-through evidence-based probiotics that significantly improve patients‘ quality of life.“


As an employer of a new, dynamic generation, we have the courage to think big and take unconventional approaches. Our goal is to be a pioneer in microbiome research and make an important contribution to improve patients’ quality of life.


SYNformulas focuses on innovative OTC- products with scientifically proven effects. The product portfolio under the Kijimea® brand includes probiotics, medical devices, dietary supplements and food for special medical purposes and is marketed internationally.

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Launch of the blockbuster Kijimea® Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Study publication on the bifidobacterial strain exclusively contained in Kijimea® Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Kijimea® Irritable Bowel is Product of the Year1
Product launch Kijimea® Synpro 20
Kijimea® Irritable Bowel was certified as "Highest Efficacy"2
Product launch Kijimea® Regularis
Further development of the market leader Kijimea® Irritable Bowel to Kijimea® Irritable Bowel PRO

Product launch of Kijimea® K53 and Kijimea® Irritable Stomach

Publication of the world's largest OTC irritable bowel study, The Lancet Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Become part of the FUTRUE family.
Become part of the FUTRUE family.

1 Online consumer survey in Germany in the period 13.05. - 06.07.2015, conducted by Q&A Research BV. A total of 4,522 ratings in 17 categories. Kijimea® Irritable Bowel was voted first place in the health category.

2 Kijimea® Irritable Bowel was awarded the rating "very good" for efficacy and tolerability in the category Stomach & Intestine a major German test. (Focus 23/18 v. 2.6.2018)